Amelia Vega, Hawks star wife

Name Al Horford rising as the team he led, Atlanta Hawks, to advance to the NBA Eastern Conference finals this season, despite not qualifying for the grand final round ended. As captain, basketball player 28-year-old plays an important role in the Hawks along with the other players like Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver. However, outside the field is not much to know if Horford had a wife of extraordinary beauty.Amelia Vega, its name. Women born in Santo Domingo 30 years ago was a Miss Universe 2003. In 2002 he was also named the most beautiful woman throughout the Dominican Republic, after winning the Miss Dominican Republic. Not only that, Vega also the profession as a singer and actress until now.

In December 2011, Horford married with Vega after two years of having an affair as lovers. And right on February 23 2015, they both have a son named Ean Horford Vega. How lucky a Horford, have a very, very beautiful wife, a son who is funny, and brilliant basketball career treading the middle along the Atlanta Hawks.Plus, Vega Ean often invited to witness the match Al Horford of the edge of the arena. The presence of his wife and baby, would be a shot of encouragement for Horford to always win the game.