5 Beloved of NBA players "Hottest" (Part 2)

If generally we know the term "Behind the success of the men there must be a great woman who stood behind him", then in this case we modified slightly to "Behind the greatness of basketball players, there will be a figure of beautiful and sexy woman who faithfully support" , This applies to the NBA star.

Previously, there names like Cody Horn beautiful woman (lover Kevin Love), Meghan Allen (wife Devin Harris), to Vanessa Laine (wife of Kobe Bryant). Then, who the women in the next list? Check this out!

1. Kari Klinkenborg

Lucky once the fate of Blake Griffin. After dropping out of the model Daniella Pretty Grace, now he again courted other hot models, named Kari Klinkenborg. Sexy woman's 29-year-old starred in a parody web HBO series "Girls" directed by famous director, Michael Bay. The former volleyball athlete is also co-starred in the popular TV show "Castle" and "Two and a Half Men".

2. Teyana Taylor

Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Iman Shumpert, find a partner and a hobby with her thoughts. Therefore, the basketball player who like rap singer is dating R & B and Hip hop, Teyana Taylor. In music, Taylor has so far worked with great musicians like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West.

3. Jennifer Christenson

Shawn Marion, former NBA basketball player who last defended the Cleveland Cavaliers, has a good taste in choosing a partner. He was so lucky was dating Jennifer Christenson and had a son from her. Unfortunately, their relationship is fractured and not continue to a higher level.

4. Gina Antoniello

NBA star charisma once again proved able to be a magnet for beautiful women. Although not as handsome as Ricky Rubio or segagah Carmelo Anthony, but Spencer Hawes in fact able to pick up women as beautiful and sexy as Gina Antoniello.

5. Sabina Gadecki

David Lee handsome, while his girlfriend, Sabina Gadecki, complete and absolute qualifies as a perfect woman. Beautiful woman 32 years old profession as a model and a movie player. A number of films ever Gadecki starring in them is "Freaky Deaky", "Outlaw Prophet: Warern Jeffs" and "Entourage".