MotoGP Pit Board mystery, only Communication Tool Team with rider

MotoGP Pit Board mystery, only Communication Tool Team with rider - After the confusion and panic in the San Marino GP last, many are wondering what the actual function of the pit board.
Pit boards have always had an important role in Grand Prix racing. Pit board being the only means of communication between the rider and his team, including the most critical moment like the flag-to-flag for example.
"All communications," said the owner of the LCR Honda team Lucio Cecchinello, "done through the board. In a dry race that normally we can provide information to the drivers (including its position in the race), the gap to the drivers in the front and rear, and are taking laps to how ,
In the case of race flag-to-flag, we also provide two further bits of information. Assurance that we as a team have prepared a second motor to give 'PIT OK', and if there is a problem and wants to get in, we give you the code 'IN'.
And in the end, riders who decide whether he is fit or not enter. In cases like Misano, where riders up to twice replace their motors as the track dried, wet and dry again, we told them to enter.
We all saw what Loris Baz when he became the first rider who changed his motor bike to dry mode, close Cecchinello.
Fausto Gresini, Team Manager Aprilia Racing Team Gresini: "pit board is essential to the strategy, but on Sunday they are taking a risk that benefited. Drivers always be a key decision, since he is the only one out there on the track.
We have a duty as a team to try and find out what he is doing quickly and ensure that we are ready.
Last week for example, is my fault. I was a little too late to give information to the driver, if I had done it sooner we can get better results. "
Ecstar Team Suzuki Team Manager Davide Brivio added that there are other factors to consider: "If you get to the end of the season and you have riders fighting for the title, we have to keep him completely with the best pit strategy.
We are a new team so if I have to be honest we were not ready for Misano but this condition is rare, maybe once or twice a year. We work closely with drivers to determine a strategy, not only for racing but also in practice and qualifying. "
So how does it all work? Brivio explained: "It all depends on the team. In this case, we engineer and the crew chief is an important person after racer.
They are like a coach in football or basketball, they are the closest to the driver, and gave the order, discuss and tactics change and much more.