Function Wings on Ducati GP15 MotoGP Bike

Function Wings on Ducati GP15 MotoGP Bike - General Manager of Ducati Corse, Dental Dall'Igna believe that the manufacturer is now getting closer to the achievement of optimal design and layout for the wings bike.
Upon arrival to the Ducati Dall'Igna the most striking feature is the addition of a Ducati motorcycle wing, Dall'Igna revisit the concept that had been used Ducati in 2010.
Ducati single wing pair has been applied in Qatar last series and continues to receive an upgrade to the German series.
Then Ducati look to make changes by installing additional wings again exactly like the ones used by the manufacturer Yamaha, seen great changes are beginning to be used in free practice in the MotoGP Japan last October.
"Aerodynamics, I think is one of the weaknesses of Ducati who are not thought of before," said Dall'Igna explained.
"So I want to focus on that and I am quite happy with the improvements we have done during this year.
"The addition of wings increase the weight to the front wheels. So this also serves to anti-wheelie and very helpful drivers. I do not expect to change the wings of our bike. Maybe we could adapt a little, some minor details may be changed, but not much."
With the addition of this wing, Ducati claims to have eight podiums this season, five times through Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone passed three times, but to win the race Ducati have not been able to do since the last time they won in the year 2010.