Nowitzki Sad Kobe Interlocking Retirement

Nowitzki Sad Kobe Interlocking Retirement - Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant are both 37 years old. Thus, it can be said that both legendary basketball player is a force, although Nowitzki joined the NBA in 1998, two years after the debut of Kobe in the biggest basketball league in the world. Kobe retirement certainty it makes Nowitzki sad and anxious. Because slowly, the players who left the NBA with her contemporaries.
"It's disappointing. So many fighters basketball into the draft in the 90s era now gradually reach the end of his career. So obviously this is the end for us all. It's sad," said Nowitzki. He also stated that he was happy Kobe has to make that decision. This could slightly ease the burden during this Kobe responsibility. Create Nowitzki, Kobe is a tremendous player. Of course with the retirement of Kobe, making the Dallas Mavericks play a little bit worried because it's like be a signal that soon he will also do the same thing.

"For me, maybe he (Kobe) was the greatest player I have ever faced. And I've faced some great players like Tim Duncan, Shaq, and others," said Nowitzki. "However, he (Kobe) is different, extraordinary shot ability. I admire him. However, once again this is sad because we all were already getting old."

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, also has a view of more or less equal to Kobe. For Carlisle, Kobe is an opponent who get high on anyone's respect, not to mention him. "I expect the best for Kobe, but I thought he was not going anywhere. He will remain in the world of basketball, whether to have a team or coach a team," said Carlisle.
Approximately prediction Rick Carlisle is right or not?