Too Complicated regulation of Formula 1, MotoGP voyeur

Too Complicated regulation of Formula 1, MotoGP voyeur - Regulation Formula 1 is currently too complicated. Therefore, the president of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne judge was time F1 is not ashamed to cheat MotoGP the more simple rules. In recent years, F1 also lost fans are turning to other sporting events.
Former F1 driver, Mark Webber had argued, "Championship and F1 as a whole is not in good condition. During the past five or six years, there are very many mistakes committed (F1 managing authority). The basic idea to make this sport better. But in the end just a little too artificial. "
Webber highlighted that in recent F1 MotoGP and compete with football continues to provide a magical element in every spectacle. He added, efforts to improve the sport of F1 manager would make Formula 1 more boring. Quarter three money by saying that Webber, Sergio Marchionne rate, F1 regulation should be simpler than that currently occurring.
Marchionne reveal to Paddocktalk, the rules in F1 is very rigid and complicated. Supposedly, the rules are solved together by getting the team involved contribute. In addition, it is also important F1 manager MotoGP modeled more fluid in this case.
"MotoGP manufacturers are treated with respect. Even all solved problems together. Besides all decisions are made consistently and quickly. They make a difference, to create something new, taking into account public taste. "
"I think Formula 1 needs new rules, because I believe we can not continue like this. Earlier I had joked that the regulation of Formula 1 (current) made by four people who were drunk at the bar. After receiving satire, they (managers F1) and then begin to reduce the tightness of the regulation, "added Marchionne was quoted Okezone.