If Failed to F1 in 2016, Rio Haryanto Ready to Take One's choice!

If Failed to F1 in 2016, Rio Haryanto Ready to Take One's choice! - Rio Haryanto big chance to become the first Indonesian riders who take part in F1. However, what happens if ultimately canceled Marussia Manor contracted Rio for F1 2016? According to Rio Haryanto, there are still other options: become a reserve driver F1 team this season.Marussia Manor is still not yet issued an official statement about the riders who will defend their team. Rio Haryanto is only one candidate. Besides himself there Wehrlein Pascal, Alexander Rossi, Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi. Therefore, there is always a possibility of failing to get a single seat.

Mentioned by bola.com, Rio Haryanto had passed the deadline for the submission of an advance contract Manor, amounting to 3.2 million Euro. But what happens if ultimately Manor choose other riders like Alexander Rossi-Will Stevens? Apparently, Rio already has its own answer.

He mentioned in a press conference on Wednesday (27/1) and then, "I plan to keep a career in automotive. May be the reserve driver in F1 while preparing themselves and try their luck in the next season. That (stuff) that I would do, if the opportunity this year is completely covered. "

Despite having a backup plan, Rio Haryanto hope to compete in F1 in 2016 have not been fully extinct. If you look at the achievements of Rio last season in the GP2 Series in 2015, when he made it into the top league, indeed Manor pretty decent considering the former rider Campos Racing as their mainstay.

Rio told bola.com, "I asked for prayers so desires or ideals as an F1 driver can be achieved. I would like to be the first Indonesian racer who competed in F1. "