NBA Stars 5 Graduated from UCLA

NBA Stars 5 Graduated from UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the leading campuses in the United States. Let's get rid moment facts about the many academic achievements. Regardless, UCLA have often spawned many alumni spread across the entertainment world. UCLA graduate public figures among them is Francis Coppola (cinematographer), Five for Fighting (musician), Jim Morrison (musician), Heather Graham, Danielle Panabaker (actress), Jack Black (actor) to Ben Stiller (actor).

Moreover, not many know that in fact there are many NBA star graduate of UCLA. Even some of them to the status of legend. Let's check it out!

1. Point guard: Russell Westbrook

This explosive playmaker lecture at UCLA for two years before the NBA draft he joined the team of the Seattle Supersonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder). The new basketball player who currently donate a large sum of money for UCLA's basketball team, worthy of inclusion in this team because it could be said he is one of the NBA's best point guard this time. Still at the age of 27 years, Westbrook also predicted to have a bright future together with OKC.

2. Shooting Guard: Reggie Miller

Who does not know Reggie Miller, the King Three Point in the '90s? He is one of the reasons Indiana Pacers could be a big team like now. Legendary figure who has given a great legacy for the Pacers. Oh yes, Miller is also a mortal enemy of Michael Jordan, you know!

3. Small Forward: Trevor Ariza

Oryza is one of the favorite partner of Kobe Bryant, when he was still in uniform LA Lakers first (2007-2009). As a small forward, Ariza provided with the ability to shoot well in addition to its core strengths in defense. He also became an important player when the Lakers won the championship in 2009.

4. Power Forward: Kevin Love

 Love is a friend of Westbrook when both strengthen the UCLA basketball team first. When entering the realm of the NBA, they split up and never be in the team. Love is a big man who has the ability to reliably versatile. If there is a big man who can score with a slick three-point shot, then Kevin Love is one of a handful of players with these attributes. Last season was his first opportunity to clinch the championship title in his career. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury sidelined him defend the Cleveland Cavaliers, and failed to bring his team that won the NBA since losing to the Golden State Warriors at the top of the party.

5. Center: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

If Bill Russell never play in the NBA, perhaps the title as the best center will be pinned to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, that does not mean Abdul-Jabbar worse than Russell. If the criterion is the number of NBA championship ring is yes, Russell (11 championships) better than Abdul-Jabbar (6 championship. However, just as Russell told the Boston Celtics her, Abdul-Jabbar also left a great legacy for the LA Lakers. He has contributed very massive for the development of the Lakers since the past until now.